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Friday, April 1, 2022

Polly Anne, A Cloth Grandma Doll from the 1820s, 8 Inches Tall - A Design for my Pattern Business - Moss Hill Patterns Both Digital or Printed

Polly Anne, Cloth Grandma Doll

I began creating the Polly Anne dolls after seeing one in a book of antique dolls. The charming original was from the 1820s and she’d been named Polly Anne after the grandmother in the early American family that cherished the doll. That original Polly Anne doll now resides in a museum in the eastern U.S.


Polly Anne is an 8-inch primitive doll, made with available fabrics in a few simple steps. She has a base that gives her stability when she stands. Her facial features are embroidered in a primitive style like the original. She wears a simple skirt, top, and a bonnet.


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