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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kathy Patterson of Babes From the Woods

Kathy Patterson of Babes From the Woods is not only a dear friend, but a magical talent and I am sharing with all of you an article about her in the brand new issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine. Of course, this is not a PDF, on purpose, because one really must purchase a copy of the magazine to be able to truly read and enjoy the article. This is to tantalize you with the desire to go get a copy, and to visit Kathy's wonderful blog.

I am so happy for her success for her work is incomparable. I'm also jealous of the snow she is enjoying! Oh how I love snow!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 at My House

I love to clean and cook. I love the house to sparkle and glitter with cleanliness, beautiful objets d' art, and lots of candle light! Music is essential too. Well it did sparkle yesterday, along with plenty of music and yummy delights. I had a marvelous time on both Wednesday and yesterday preparing and presenting what is to me a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving.

My daughter and her family were there and so was a dear and beautiful friend of hers. Of course, not pictured is my 19 year old grandson who had gone from the table briefly, nor a picture of my dear husband nor of me. Of course, when I snapped the picture the others were wandering about elsewhere. And because there is always so much to do, I only had time to snap a picture! So remiss am I in the photography department. I shoved the camera way up high on the refrigerator and forgot about it. Nonetheless we had a fabulous time and I am so rested and happy today.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving too.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Primitive Stump Dolls

Please go to my website and click on the "Dolls" link to see all about my latest stump dolls. I have at last completed using up all of my fabric scraps for they are the stuffing for my little stump dolls.

My studio feels so clean, and it is now time for me to begin creating a new scrap collection.

Dolls beckon...

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Just In: Designer Craftsmen and Historic Home Show in Valley Forge

Historic Home Show
Designer Craftsmen and Historic Home Show in Valley Forge is ON for 2011!

February 4-6, 2011, Valley Forge Convention Center

Isn't it nice to hear good news these days? Well, if you haven't heard any lately, we've got some for you! Old House Media Group, publishers of New Old House, Old-House Journal, Old-House Interiors, Arts & Crafts Homes, Early Homes, and The Design Center Sourcebook proudly announces the acquisition of The Historic Home Shows and The Designer Craftsmen Shows, the beloved and highly-respected events produced by Bob Goodrich of Goodrich Promotions.

Although I, Christine, have never had the pleasure of attending this show, I am happy to report that it will be on after all! The show was bought from Goodrich by Old House Media Group. We just received the announcement and needed to share.