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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dunham's Cocoanut Dollhouse

I was fortunate while out antiquing yesterday to spot and procure this treasure!

Where? In Sublimity, Oregon, not far from our beautiful state capitol city of Salem. Why? A beautiful antiques show at the Union Hill Grange in some of the most beautiful scenery that planet earth has to offer.

 Molly Mo's is the name of the show, and a fabulous and enchanting show it was; not too small and especially not too big. Just right with a group of very clever vendors.

Here is the story that came with my treasured dollhouse:



"Originally used as a packing crate for Dunham's shredded cocoanut packages, these dollhouses were an advertising premium.

No one is really sure how the houses were distributed after the cocoanut was sold, and they are hard to find today.  Considering their original purpose, most remaining examples are in rough shape now, with water staining, torn and missing paper, and a prominent crack down the back, caused by the joining of the two planks used to fashion the crate's bottom. Even so, the house, with its fantastically detailed wallpapers, is a treasure, providing a peek into late Victorian domestic life."


The furniture that came with the dollhouse was provided on a sheet and was cut out and created by the owner. I gleaned this picture off of Google. In printing it out, it became a little blurry. I would love to have someone print it out for me to actually make my own, but if not, I will just figure it out to the best of my a ability.  And I certainly respect that one would never copy it to try to pass it off as old. 

The furniture is extremely rare.

I was approached by a good sleuth, owner of the blog Flimsies and Fripperies, who shared some wonderful information on these rare doll houses. Do visit her and read what all she found! I am excited to report that in Salem, Oregon there was a grocery store ad claiming to have two of the doll houses. Well, the lady who sold me the dollhouse, said she got it at an estate sale in Lebanon, OR, which is a small, old town very near Salem. The people were hoarders and had mass stuff. So, I'm pretty sure my Dunham's Cocoanut Dollhouse, was one of those two! Thank you for the information, Kathy!