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Monday, August 29, 2011

Oregon Antique Mall in Historic Oregon City is Open as of August 28

Our official greeter, for a few days, is Nadine Cunningham, sitting prettily and happily visiting with us. Her son is one of the owners. The mall is not ready yet, but it is coming along famously, and we're all so excited about it! Scroll and see a few spaces that are filling up with treasures.

Again, the mall is open now.

Below is our savvy IT man, Kaz, (sounds like coz),whose real name is Andrew and is also simply charming to have around.

Gretchen Nation makes these gorgeous cuff bracelets, among other things. Please visit her blog for an earlier post about the new beginnings of this mall. Click Here.

Below is my "space", and although I've just shown a closeup (sort of ) of it, I want to show here how it is a new concept in mall space in that it is more of a platform, or little stage. The show must go on!

Note how incredibly shiny are the concrete floors after a professional polishing that will leave them this way permanently. It looks like I have space beneath, but that's just the reflection of above stuff. And speaking of stuff, I must get more over there!

Again, dear Nadine, laughing as I shot a picture of the area where the elevator, still in progress for being completely finished after this year long remodel. The upstairs is not yet occupied, because there is more work to be done, but it is beautiful!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Pretty Porch Sale" A WONDERFUL SUCCESS!

Granddaughter, 5 year old Grace Elizabeth, watering the lawn as we were about to begin the process of preparing for my "Pretty Porch Sale" which is done annually in Oregon City, Oregon. Thank you, Gracie, you do good work!

Our brand new balcony railings!

The front porch.

The lineup.

And the rest is almost completely gone now.

A local docent from the historic McLaughlin House, which is right around the block from our house.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer is Finally Here in Western, Oregon!

As many Oregonians know, summertime doesn't really take place here until at least the very end of July. With temperatures in the 60's and 70's, we don't regard this as summer weather, and hello, who does? Well, it is a wonderful climate for flowers and greenery. Even the moss is still green. But just this week our temperatures have risen to the high 80's. It has been beautiful! There is no humidity here to speak of, so that's a good thing.

Just sharing a picture of some of the flowers back by our little, Victorian era pond, that is no longer a pond. I will, one day, restore it so that I may enjoy dragon flies!