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Friday, April 1, 2022

Eliza Doll & Pincushion ~ Both from the 1831 Eliza Leslie 'American Girl's Book' ~ For my Pattern Shop, Moss Hill Primitives - Both Digital or Printed


About the Eliza Doll & Pincushion


Here are two projects designed to delight girls in the early 1800s who were just learning to sew. One is a small doll and the other is a pincushion in the shape of a heart. Both were created by Eliza Leslie (1787-1858), who was born in Philadelphia and whose only formal education was cooking and sewing classes. Still, she became one of the century’s most popular authors on domestic topics.A picture containing text, linedrawing, clipart

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Eliza often wrote under the name “Miss Leslie.” She was best known for her 1837 “Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches,” which was the most popular cookbook of the 1800s. Both the little doll and the heart pincushion were included as projects in Miss Leslie’s popular “American Girl’s Book” published in 1831.  


She called the doll “A Common Linen Doll.” Hers was made of rolled fabric, wore a simple dress, and was shown without a face, which could easily be created by the young seamstress. The doll’s height depends on how much fabric is rolled up, as you’ll see in these directions.


The pincushion’s size also depends on how much fabric is available. It hangs from a ribbon and is a charming sewing tool.

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