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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stump Doll & My Attic Crawl Space

Okay, she does look 150 years old, but she's new. Her attire however was made from pieces of wonderful old fabrics that we recently found in our attic crawl space! We do not go up there because the only opening which is from my art room closet up into it is small. There is crumbly old insulation up there too. But, there are boxes and boxes of stuff! And most of it is old clothing and fabrics. Periodically some young man, my grandson or the son of a friend, will go up and bring down what he can. But it is not good air to breathe up there, so we get the stuff piecemeal. Since our house was built in 1888, I feel certain that much of the fabric is indeed very old. Some of the styles of the clothes are Victorian and all hand stitched.

The stump doll was created for little girls to have some facsimile of a dolly to play with. I made the above one fairly large for you see, the beauty of a stump doll for me is that they are invariably stuffed with fabric scraps. I think a child might enjoy this one, but usually they were a trifle smaller. Waste not want not.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ghostie Lady

There is much talk now of Halloween art, and of course I have nothing ready for the spooky time.

This Ghostie Lady of mine is pictured here to remind me to get going in production! Of course, I do not have a Ghostie Lady for this year, and doubt if I will, but I still love my lady ghosts as they float about old fashioned houses.

So as people harvest their labors of summer, and look forward to October 31st, I will be busily creating someone(s) scary and haunting to show soon.