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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Really Have Been Working on Dolls

So much to do just living every day, and yet I'm still managing some dolls. The four seen here, soon to be added to the website are Jane, Hattie A., Hattie B. and AnnaBeth. I'm working on a Tess, a Tillie, three Amy's, 2 Maggie's, 1 Emma and some small dolls. Just wanted to give a sneak peek at what's happening in this art room!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mouses Houses by Maggie Rudy

A friend of mine from Ohio pointed this blog out to me the other day. Thank you Heather!

I am beyond thrilled to see this incredibly talented artist, Maggie Rudy's world of adorable mice, or as she prefers, "mouses".

Maggie lives in Portland, Oregon, which is my fair city but minutes away form my Oregon City home. I ordered her newest book The House that Mouse Built and am eager to peruse it joyfully and slowly.

Note the stove that mouse is warming himself by, for it is made of a poppy seed.

You must visit Mouses Houses and see what I am talking about! Enjoy!