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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Daguerreotype ~ 1840s ~ A Wonderful Score for Me at a Local Estate Sale

I don't go to many estate sales these days. Out here in Oregon "early" items are rare. Early suggests pre-1850. I live in a town that began in the 1840s and luckily I reside in one of the historic homes. 

Daguerreotype: Yes, this is a true daguerreotype. I learned how to identify them. I scored this beauty for next to nothing at a recent estate sale and I am beyond thrilled. ~ Many of you may not know the difference between a tintype and a daguerreotype. Daguerreotypes were invented in France in 1839. By 1850 tintypes came into favor, and soon the former faded into the past. A Daguerreotype when turned just right shows a negative image. Tintypes do not. The daguerreotypes are very expensive in comparison to the tintypes. The one pictured is quite large for a daguerreotype.

I am quite proud of this beautiful lady now on my front parlor wall.


Friday, February 9, 2024

A Grateful Heart ~

A Grateful Heart is the sentiment I chose for this little bit of fancy work.
It is available for sale at my Etsy Shop.


Monday, February 5, 2024

Tiny Jack a Grodnertal, this one the IV SOLD


Jack Grodnertal IV is in fact the fourth one I have created. He is but 6 inches tall and like real Grodnertal dolls of long ago, he is NOT made of wood but of Paper Clay, and cloth. I am not a wood carver. I have tried it and did not enjoy it. 


Friday, February 2, 2024

The Spare Room

This is what I call the spare room. It is upstairs and is also filled with more of my art supplies. I have four corners photographed in this post. This picture shows my cutting table (think fabrics). I also load up my shipments here.

Scroll down to the previous post to see my actual art room.

The twin bed, although very comfortable, has only been used a few times by visitors. Mostly a grandchild or a sibling of mine. Now it merely holds dolls. The door is the closet door. ~ I take my photos from the large, antique chest of drawers. See the ring light.

Supplies plus treasures.

The way out of the room.


My Art Room (as I like to call it) ~

Gregory and I live in an 1888 Italianate-styled home in Oregon City, OR.  This is one of the bedrooms which is adjacent to a wrap balcony. It wraps halfway around the house. I use this room as my Art Room.  Enjoy the chaos! 


Wednesday, January 31, 2024

DOLLS Winter Children - SOLD

Winter Children

The pattern for these darling dolls can be acquired either in digital or printed form from Cinnamon Creek Folk Art on Etsy. Click HERE to go there.
I have made this pattern a few times.  Each time the dolls are a little different as is to be expected. Cinnamon Creek Folk Art is the work of artist Dru Ann Jeffries who allows us to make to sell her designs. You will get hooked. Enjoy!


Bird (Fraktur style) in Hanging Basket with Hearts

Burd (Fraktur style) in Hanging Basket with Hearts


Appliqué Heart with Lilac Buds in Pocket SOLD

Appliqué Heart with Lilac Buds in Pocket


Small Heart - Girl with Dove - SOLD

Girl with Dove


2 Souls in One Heart SOLD

2 Souls in One Heart
a cloth heart



Sunday, January 14, 2024

Winter Children - SOLD

Winter Children - SOLD

These two dolls, boy and girl are designs of Dru Ann Jeffries of Cinnamon Creek Folkart. One may make to sell her pattern designs if we so desire. I love making her darling creations. I plan on making more. One may find my items for sale at my Etsy shop.

          Dru Ann is also on Etsy. If you wish to make these yourself, do visit her shop.



Primitive Belsnickle/Santa SOLD

Primitive Mache Belsnickle/Santa 

For years, I made chalkware items but finally moved on to creating my statuary with liquid mache that one pours into the plaster mold. This little fellow was made this way.


Red Heart in Crisscross Frame SOLD

Red Heart in Crisscross Frame


Jolly Snowman in Shadowbox SOLD

Jolly Snowman in Shadowbox - 3 x 4 inches ~


2 Hearts - SOLD


     This small cloth heart indicates, of course, love between two beings.