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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Dolly in a Shoe

This tiny dolly in a shoe is seen in my previous post among other of my new miniature dolls. Recently Country Living magazine came to my house and photographed me in the process of making a doll. Among the many dolls photographed was this little one. I look forward to seeing if she shows up in the article which they tell me is slated for possibly their October issue! You see, I was invited to be a member of the esteemed Country Living Artists Guild, and I am still pinching myself!
Little dolly above was spotted by a friend and neighbor who wanted to purchase her, and therefore I consented. Today little doll in her shoe moves almost next door, and I am so happy to know that I may visit her occasionally!
I assure you, I will be announcing more on my Country Living excitement as soon as the issue is published!

Friday, May 2, 2008

An Unlikely Pirate!

Pirate Story
Three of us afloat in the meadow by the swing,
Three of us aboard in the basket on the lea.
Winds are in the air, they are blowing in the spring,
And waves are on the meadow like the waves there
are at sea.

Where shall we adventure, today that we're afloat,
Wary of the weather and steering by a star?
Shall it be to Africa, a-steering of the boat,
To Providence, or Babylon, or off to Malabar?

Hi! but here's a squadron a-rowing on the sea-
Cattle on the meadow a-charging with a roar!
Quick, and we'll escape them, they're as mad as they
can be,
The wicket is the harbour and the garden is the
Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy 100th. Post, Donna!