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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Mixed Media Collage Vignette of Faerie "Wisdom" ~ SOLD

My paper doll faerie named Wisdom, is a chip board doll within her own little land in a cardboard vignette, to which I have paper collaged, and embellished with natural items as well as that which I created. 

There is an actual crystal nesting in the corner on the stand.

The real roses are tiny ones that I coated in Mod Podge.

The Holy Stone at her feet is one that I created using clay and paint. 

"In Italian Witchcraft the holed stone is associated with fairies, and often referred to as the holy stone. It is considered a doorway, or key to the doorway, into the fairy kingdom. In Italian folk magic, it is believed these stones have the power to bind a fairy to one's service for a length of time." Wikipedia

QUOTE: "Wisdom entereth not into a malicious mind."
Rabelais (French writer 1494-1553)

13 tall x 5 wide ~inches ~ added width at top brings it up to 8 inches wide.

All Is Love ~ A Faerie

"All is Love" is a sweet little faerie who resides in her cottage in a magical land. I have painted a bit of chip board for my faerie. The stand is collaged and embellished in a way that only she designed. The little quote is:

"The gift is small, but love is all"

7 tall x 5 wide (inches)

$48.00 + Shipping

This creation can be found at my Etsy Store.

But if you do not shop on Etsy and wish to buy her, email me at christinelefever@comcast.net and we can take it from there.

Tillie, My Queen Anne Doll with Mache head, forearms and hands and a Cloth Body ~SOLD

Tillie is my rather fancy, 19 inch Queen Anne doll. She is for sale at my Etsy Store. This doll has been created with extremely stylish, silk garments and frivolously fun coiffures, but this particular model prefers a mere house dress and mob cap, at least of lace.

My Queen Anne Doll, Tess ~ SOLD

Tess is a cloth and mache doll. She is my design wherein I had a mold made of her so that she can be reproduced in liquid mache. Two of this model were in the film Felicity, complements of Warner Brothers a few years ago. The dolls are shown in the Colonial shop just behind the two performers portraying the little girl stars, one in particular, Felicity. (Said actor is the now renowned and wonderful Shailene Woodley.) Felicity is of course one of the American Girl Dolls!

My Tess is a 19 inch doll. In this case she is dressed in her Colonial styled shift and stays, over which is her pockets.

I see in this photo where a portion of one of her sleeves looks rather like a tube, but it's just a wrinkle. I only just saw this! Gulp.

Periodically I make for my Etsy Store a Tess. She is there now.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Marie L'ange ~ Marie the Angel (French of course) ~ SOLD

Dear Marie L'ange, represents the beauty of 18th. century French elegance. The meaning in French, to those who do not know, is Marie The Angel.

This mache head bust is permanently affixed within her glass dome. I have created a mixed media backdrop and adorned Marie in laces, jewelry and roses.