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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Newly Sold of My Creations

Little Fleur, A Doll on a Tag

I love to take shipping tags and convert them into art. Little Fleur just sold and so I'm sharing her here and now. 

My Amy in Vintage Purple

This Amy of mine was sold, or so I thought, but no matter how long I waited, the-would-have-been-buyer never sent the money, and so I re-listed her and voila, she has sold and now resides in New York!

Tillie a Queen Anne

Tillie did not last long on my ETSY Store and I am delighted to say that she now resides in New York too!  I loved painting flowers on her bust. I am breaking away from tradition and convention. The artist in me no longer longs to reproduce exactly the old. I am looking forward to more adventures in utilizing mixed-media, collage, etc. into my world of doll making.