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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Victorian ~ Edwardian at an Estate Sale this Past Weekend ~

The following are only a few of the wonders I bought at a fabulous estate sale this past weekend. The sale was conducted by the estate company All My Favorite Things, and was in an old home just a few blocks from my house here in historic Oregon City, Oregon.

Of late, I have greedily fallen head-over-heels in love with late Victorian and the Edwardian era in decor, and so I had a heydey on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Of course, I have really always loved those eras, but having been raised by a mother who is thoroughly ensconced in the earlier days of America, my heart also claimed that period. If it is a doll, or if it is art, I love it all.


The 1920's Doll is one of my new finds. She sits next to a lovely porcelain doll that I bought many years ago at Stars & Splendid in Portland. That one was in a big bag all in parts. I enjoyed putting her back together. She is my Rebecca. I have yet to name the new dolly.

A Boy Doll!

The newbie in this picture is the doll in the brown velvet jacket on the right.

Sitting to the right of Prudence, by Barbara Mabry of Loving Olde (Etsy) is a small porcelain doll that I acquired this past weekend.

My new baby here is the bisque girl in blue between some of my beloved rag dolls. One on right with penciled in face is by Pam Haber of Ghost Island Primitives and the one beneath her is by Betty Baker of Square Nails. The one on the left, I do not know. I acquired that one at a shop in Ohio.

A little bisque flapper girl!

This sweet lamp ~

A darling doll pewter teaset to emulate the then popular silver plate designs. I love silver plate even more so than silver itself. It is so fancily adorned.

I love this style of painted frame from the early 20th. century. I forgot the name of this style of painting even though I actually once learned how to do it, and then managed to sell the book, or perhaps I donated it. Sorry about that. The mystery!

Another small porcelain doll wearing a very pretty black dress.

A wonderful boxed puzzle 5x8 ~

My large China doll that came broken. The picture below shows the beginning of my repairing her. Of course, she is now all better and dressed in beautiful whites down in the dining room. I love her blue shoes! I just used Paper Clay for the repaired shoulder.

The bust was in three pieces, so here they are glued together. I glued it onto the doll's body, and then sculpted in the Paper Clay as seen above.

Below, the doll on the left, in white silk, came with that repair to her shoulder. I love mended items. This makes her more wonderful for me.

The one next to her is yet another one I bought years ago. She required some repair work too. I did name her, but since then have forgotten it. I used to put notes on dolls as I named them.  When I say I repair my dolls, that does not mean I am professionally trained for doll repair. I just make-do to the best of my abilities. My doll making consists of only that, making my own. I do not actually repair old dolls for others. I just make my dolls and that's that.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Eastlake Piano Bench / Stool~ Pale Pink

Pale pink is my very favorite color when it comes to thirstily drinking it in. Combine it with an Eastlake, ornate and slightly chippy and worn piece of furniture, and I am in my heaven.

Yesterday Gregory and I went shopping at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland where I spotted this gorgeous little piano bench. In a hypnotic trance I picked it up and took it to the holding place for me to buy. Had this piece been in any other color, I might not have been convinced. I am showing primarily the color here. The rest of the picture isn't even all that sharp, but the color is perfect.