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Friday, June 1, 2012

Tag Sale or Estate Sale?

Out west we call them estate sales. Back east they call them tag sales. Lately some people out here in Oregon have chosen to use the term "tag sale". All fun, no matter what you call it.

Here is a little article about the difference between the two: READ THIS IF YOU LIKE But just below is taken from the article to essentially sum up very easily the difference:

A tag sale involves, basically, a person hired by the fiduciary who will “price” each item with a tag, indicating that the item is available for sale at that price. Too, most tag sale attendees assume that there is room to negotiate, so a fair share of items marked with a price sell for less.

At an estate sale you do not wheel and deal. I have never been to a tag sale, and since I never dicker, it is for the better. Also, I trust that a dealer at a mall or a show puts an honest price on his/her wares, and therefore, just as in a department store like Macy's, I do not ask to get something for less. I know that flea markets have traditionally been set up with dickering in mind. I suppose were I trained at attending tag sales, I'd get pretty used to asking for discounts.

I do look forward to the last day of many estate sales, because usually everything under a certain amount, say $100.00 or $50.00 is all half priced, and at some estate sales in my area everything is half priced.

I love old things. I love the treasure hunt, trite though it sounds, and so, I will attend tag sales when they are set up that way wherever, or I will continue to love my weekend jaunts to the estate sales.

Garage and yard sales are another story.