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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Claire - Done with a very sweet face this time. Mache Head, Cloth Body - SOLD


Josie Wren is a painted chipboard dummy board. SOLD


Queen Anne Flower Doll, Poppy SOLD


Mistress Heddahouse SOLD

Mistress Heddahouse is one of my patterns for sale on my two Etsy Shops.


My Moss Hill is where I only sell patterns, whereas my Christine LeFever is where I sell not only patterns but also my finished products and sometimes old items.


Miss Periwinkle, A Painted Chipboard Dummy Board SOLD


Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth is a 25-inch mache head, cloth body doll. She is based on a very old hand-carved wooden head and bust from which I had my plaster mold made for me to make this doll. I have since sold the wooden model. I do not know the age of that wooden bust that I bought from a Maine dealer.


Jane, a reproduction mid 1800s Mache Head -


Mache Head Cloth Body, Claire -

Claire is a copy of an 1800s-era doll that is also a mache head.