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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Little Gabby

Little Gabby is a dear, small doll that I enjoyed making. She is sold, but she wants to be seen here. Her beautiful robin's egg blue, AKA turquoise, velvet skirt is made from very old, wonderfully vintage velvet. I enjoyed making her funny little flat limbs with stitched fingers. Gabby has human hair, which I love.

Paige, A Sweet Cloth Doll

My Paige sold right away, but I wanted to share her here, because I had such pleasure creating her. I love her wee poem on her little, white Valentine heart, and I love her human hair.

I frequent estate sales whenever nice old things are shown in the photos on estate finder. A couple years ago I found at one of the sales a book of poems all doll related.

Here is Paige's little poem that I deliberately wrote onto the heart in an almost horror vacui style, which I love, for it wastes no space and that is how many olden days people utilized all of their precious paper.

Doll was lost
Outdoors at night;
She saw the moon,
Enormous bright,
A dewdrop fell
Upon her nose.
A beetle ran
Across her toes.

Miriam G. Potter
Golden book of Little Verses

Definition of horror vacuo:

horror vacui |ˈvakyəˌwī|noun [ in sing. ]fear or dislike of leaving empty spaces, esp. in an artistic composition.ORIGIN mid 19th cent.modern Latin, literally horror of a vacuum.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Loving Olde ~ Queen Anne Dolls on Etsy

Loving Olde is the name of the Etsy store of a friend of mine wherein she hand-sculpts darling dolls in papier mache and then clothes them entirely in beautiful vintage whites. Most of her fabrics come from France. Barb Mabry is her name and she hand-stitches every little detail.

Please visit to see what sweet little beauties Barb has listed now:

                                                             Loving Olde

Here is a doll, Prudence, that I recently bought from Barb. I absolutely love this little work of art.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Emma Reborn an Angel

Remember Emma from a while back? Well, she is now for sale on my Dolls and Fancywork Shoppe, as an angel. If  interested, please go see her along with all of my new offerings as of today!

Thank you!