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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Space at Oregon Antique Mall one Month Later

It will actually be one month on the 28th. My small space has been very active and I am having so much fun filling it up with treasure upon treasure. From a market research angle I've noticed that right here in beautiful Oregon City, Oregon, primitives and Victorian sell equally. My assemblage arts are doing very well and it is now time for me to put a few things onto my online shop Old & Good, as well as to get some new dolls onto my website. I'm even toying with adding another, larger space to Oregon Antique Mall. Busy hands are happy hands!

It is imperative that I offer only what I love. So if you do not see much mid-century (obviously, 20th), that is simply because I am not terribly enamored of it, yet.

Notice the cute pumpkin and the cloth cat. I bought Netty LaCroix's recent cat and pumpkin patterns and made them. I hope to make more, because I love all of Netty's designs!