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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Dolls at The Thomas Jefferson Foundation Shop

When I was approached by Monticello's buyer to place some of my dolls there for sale, my heart filled with joy and pride. Monticello is a magical place. Here are some of my Bella dolls and my Emma dolls that have traveled off to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia to be sold at the shop. You will want to put into the search space the word Doll, and dolls for sale there will suddenly appear. My Emma dolls will show up right away. They do not yet offer online the Bella dolls, (at their behest, each with human hair). No names of artists are mentioned. But they do say they are from Oregon, which is where I live and make my dolls.

I will no longer be making Emma's or Bella's for sale from my studio, for a while. If one wishes to own one of these models, please go to Monticello's shop.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Polly Ann, A 1795 Stump Doll Reproduction ~ SOLD

Polly Ann is a stump doll like one from 1795 that was owned by the Wylie family of Connecticut. I believe that doll now resides in Rhode Island.

My Polly Ann was created for a client and is therefore SOLD. She is dressed entirely in antique silks and laces. I have altered aspects of the original design in using embroidery for her face, rather than ink, and in adding legs to her whereas the original has no legs.

Stump dolls are not named as such due to coming from a tree, but because they are stumpy in bodily design.