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Friday, December 27, 2013

Podium to Beans

I bought this old podium years ago, and I painted it with touches of mauve against white, colors that already existed in our 1888 Italianate house. I have never wanted to change this color that to me is softly reminiscent of a more Gothic era. It is quiet and calming and exquisitely beautiful to me.

I strove to sell my podium at various venues, but never a taker, and  I have to say my price has always been quite low. I guess no one wants my podium. I cannot fathom one not wanting one! I've enjoyed podiums down through the years. Since it was my last one, and not moving at Monticello Market Place, I simply took it back today, and am so happy that I did. Here it stands proudly in a spare bedroom. Draped over it is my beautiful old piano scarf that also contains shades of the same mauve, although my photographic skills rendered it more of a pink. Alas, we do not have a piano. The antique and very beautiful, brown Bible is a German one. I know I picked it up at an estate sale for diddly squat. That is one of my favorite prices. I've actually gotten considerable use from my little podium. Now it serves only for beauty, for the time being. 

Beans? Oh yes. Gregory soaked overnight a bag of 15 beans, and upon rinsing and draining them, here is how pretty they looked in the morning. The soup is now made and it will be our dinner momentarily. Luscious ham and bean soup with lots of vegetables. No picture of that though. I have to admit that I am not a vegetarian, nor intend to become one, although I've dabbled in it from time-to-time. Nope, I like to eat meat. I bless my food and thank the animal for assisting my body in life, and take it from there. I know that the environment begs less meat eating, and I do bless our world for that sake too. I choose to eat only organically raised animals too. So there you have it!

I am no longer sharing my blog with my Facebook friends. It seems rather silly to do so. I am not really going to Facebook much anymore either. That may change all-in-due-course, but for now, I prefer to keep my world simple and quiet.

I wish, you my blog visitors, a peaceful and quiet time too.

Sending love to all of you.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two of My Dolls

We just received our copy of the latest issue of Early American Life (EAL) magazine; that being the February, 2014 one. There is an article in it called Preserving Your Textile Treasures and right there in a picture are two of MY dolls! Years ago, I gifted these two to Tess, the owner of the magazine. Thank you Tess for sharing my all cloth poppet, and my Maché head, cloth bodied, Tess. Ironically, I had already named this doll Tess before I ever met Tess of EAL!

I sort of had Tess of the d'Urvervilles in mind, even though my Tess represents an 18th. century styled doll, and the story by Thomas Hardy actually took place in the 1800's and not the 1700's, and of course, Tess of the story had a tragic life, whereas my dolly has a very good life! I just like the name for this doll. It fits a young woman of pastoral England of the earlier days.

Tess is also pictured in my blog banner. The other pictured doll is my milliner's model, Emma.

Also, we have this magazine quite early, because my husband is a contributor to it and the contributors get their copies before they hit the news stands.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gregory's Design

My husband, Gregory, has created a number of very interesting furniture designs of his own, and below I am sharing his very sweet small and narrow cupboard that can be hung on a wall, or can stand on a floor or a table. I commandeered this piece for our kitchen, and so he deemed it his prototype, because it has become mine. I love the color Gregory chose. It is Duck Egg by Annie Sloan, chalk paints.  You can find this paint at The Purple Pear in Portland, Oregon.

I store our wash cloths in there, as well as my chocolate candy bars. Why chocolate bars? Alas, I cannot abide caffeine other than in the form of chocolate, provided it is prior to 3:00 PM. Otherwise, I hyperventilate and awaken in the night with the desire to catch a deep breath. I always adored my caffeine, but due to having overly indulged in it down through the years, I developed a form of an allergy. Do not over do it on anything, friends! Moderation is a must.

I can have a little bit of chocolate each morning with my decaffeinated coffee. If ever I do happen to intake caffeine after 3:00 PM, my night's rest is negligible, unless I can take a wee bit of an anxiety drug. Mind you, I seldom do this, because I never want to have another addiction, and of course, my doctor would never allow it. Colas for me are completely out of the question, although I do drink a caffeine free one when I can find it.

Back to the wee cupboard that Gregory designed. I have to confess that even among all of my wonderful antiques, this piece is actually one of my very favorites. I treasure it for Gregory's design and execution. It is special to me. He's not yet made another either.

Here it is in all its glory. Note the black mark on the floor. This is left over from when the house experienced a fire long ago, when the kitchen stove was in this spot. No stove has been there in at least 75 years. So we do not take credit for that splotch of black. But I like that lovely little point of history.

And here is the very top of the sweet cupboard.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Having been raised a cradle Catholic, I cannot do Christmas without celebrating Advent.

Today is the first Sunday in Advent. 

From Wikipedia:

Advent is a season observed in many Western Christian churches 
as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is an anglicized version of the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming".

Today I will create my Advent wreath and begin reliving my childhood joys of anticipating Christmas!

I'm sure that all of the many faiths for this beautiful season work just fine. This one is simply my upbringing.

                                                   Happy Season of Love to all of you!