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Friday, April 1, 2022

Pierre Pierrot, A Primitive Cloth Doll, 15 inches tall, Designed for My Pattern Business, Moss Hill Primitives - Digital or Printed

Pierre is based on the famous clown character Pierrot, popular in France and Italy going back to the 1500s. Since then, the Pierrot character has charmed audiences in plays and operas around the world, sometimes as a broken-hearted lover, sometimes as a witty joker, usually naïve yet often wise. And always appealing.


The traditional Pierrot costume is equally well known. The character is almost always in white clothing with black accents, the same as his clown-face makeup, and usually wears a pointed hat.


This Pierre doll is a primitive version of the Pierrot character. Pierre is 15 inches tall, not counting his pointed hat. This pattern gives you instructions for making his head, body, arms, and legs, as well as for creating his face. I paint these faces right onto the muslin with no underpainting at all. You also have patterns and instructions for Pierre’s shirt, pants, shoes, collar ruff, and hat.

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