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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing My Queen Anne Penny Poppets

Penny woodens were the inspiration behind my newest addition to my line of dolls. Of course, my little 13 inch Queen Anne Penny Poppets are certainly not all wood, for they have cloth head and torso. The little Penny Woodens were very popular during the mid Victorian era, and were called penny wooden because of their low price. Queen Victoria herself enjoyed best of all her toys, her penny woodens. My little Penny Poppets certainly represent a little mix of those Victorian dolls as well as the Georgian era dolls know as Queen Anne's. Hybridization seems always to be my modus operandi, as I love both "early" (pre-1850) and Victorian which literally ended in 1901.

I will be sending out my newsletter once all the dolls are ready and waiting to be viewed. Meanwhile, it's back to dressing the girls...

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Burl Treen Sugar Bowl by Michael Coombs

Isn't it wonderful? This is my special Christmas gift for 2009. I have to share it with you. This is a little sugar bowl, hand carved by the incredibly talented Michael Coombs of the great state of Indiana.

To read about Michael and his work, do go to the Early American Life website and find where you may purchase a copy of the current issue. My husband, Gregory LeFever, wrote this article.