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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Week for Oregon Antique Mall + GOOD NEWS!

Thursday will be the beginning of the very end for Oregon Antique Mall. Sunday will be the very last day for it. Hours are 10-6 each day. Tremendous deals abound.

But here's the good news! A wealthy gentleman approached owners Trish and Scott, and has offered to buy them a building. Why? Because his wife so loved their mall and was sad that it was closing. The man has checked out to be true and good. The search for the new building is getting closer to a perfect result. The greatest collateral is Trish's remarkable ability in building with sustainability in mind. He will sell the building from the get-go to her, finance the entire re-do, and only charge a payment of half of what she ever paid to the "lease-option" purchase via the owner of the existing building. They are going to call the new antiques mall, Greenhouse Antiques, because going green is what Trish is all about and so is the very concept of buying and using antiques, old stuff, repurposing, etc.

The new mall will still be right here in historic and beautiful Oregon City.

We are HAPPY!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Spare Room After The Oregon Antique Mall Closing

Okay, the mall will be completely closed to business on May 27th. But in the meantime, I have pulled a number of items that I just felt like keeping. When push comes to shove, one's heart beckons certain things, and for me, it is almost invariably, dolls.  And, yes I prefer very early dolls that are sprinkled about throughout the house, but still, the ones from the twentieth century also touch me with love, and so, my spare room has many new occupants. Hey, judging by the wear and tear, one can see that these little beings were once very much loved, and so that residue of love calls to my heart

I am so not a purist anyway.

This little baby in the buggy was left behind at a recent estate sale, and my heart had to have him in my home. He was terribly inexpensive, and that made it even sadder. I love this baby. He is a boy to me, even though on a cold night, I put this little pink covering on his head. I even brought back from the mall, my buggy for him to have a bed, and those little toys around him are what I call "leavings" from estate sales. I go in on the last day when often everything is half price, and I buy what I think is wonderfully old and good and ignored completely by other shoppers. It amazes me! But face it, the little girl in me, the little "mommy" loves the dollies. I've named this little boy Gregory after my dear little grandson, Gregory.

Sarah, a Currier & Ives print, is the real mother in this room.

Hannah, my dear first Greiner, sitting in the very same chair I painted her in for my little book Eliza Sewie  affords much love to all of the dolls. She now has a little bevy of twentieth century dolls who were "leavings" at estate sales. My most recent acquisition of these dollies is the little Holly Hobby there to the left. Holly Hobby cost me a whopping $1.00.

My dear little Lily sits in the center of friends. Of course Lily, like Gregory, is not for sale. Lily is named after my beautiful little granddaughter of the same name. Lily-doll's eyes move from side-to-side.

Look at that delightful little rubber girl doll in blue. Another $1.00 purchase last week. She is the sweetest baby, and is so happy that I cleaned her up, clothed her and gave her a place in which to live in love and joy.

There is my Marie Antoinette on a box residing on my dresser among many of my old creations as well as little things I've picked up here in there. Robert Louis Stevenson was so right-on when he said:

"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."

Prue, AKA, Prudence Jane Plumb, is my first carved penny wooden, and she basically runs the spare room with as much love as can possibly be felt.

Robin is my doll from childhood. She has always gone wherever I have. She sits among past creations that no one wanted, as well as more "leavings" that I have grown to love even more for their having been rejected at sales and such. Robin takes good care of them.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Oregon Antique Mall - Closing

As many of you know, I have enjoyed from August through now, my involvement with The Oregon Antique Mall. Alas, the mall is finally having to close due to a tremendous hike in the rent.

Trish and Scott have done a beautiful job of creating an ecologically sustainable and pristine building, but this latest development is now beyond their control.

Last day of business will be May 27th.

If any of you live in the area and wish to shop there, business will resume on the 10th of the month  Thurs - Sun., 10-6, until the last day of the 27th.

I will now return to my art room full swing and create more dolls and fancy work items than I have in the past few months. My desire to rent from any mall space is now nil, for I only loved being a part of that which was virtually a block from my home.

As for my selling old things, I will have to rely on my Old & Good online shop, as well as having an occasional sale right here in my home. And those of you who know me, know that if the items on Old & Good aren't actual antiques, they are sill good, and reflect homes of olden days.

One journey down and more to come.