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Friday, August 17, 2012

Closed Christine LeFever's Old & Good

I have closed down my Old & Good shop, for a while. I enjoyed a year searching for treasures, and in that year my creative side went a beggin', so I'm back to my dolls and "fancywork".

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our recent trip to San Luis Obispo, California ~ Visiting Friends, Linda and Ludmil Marcov

The following pictures show bits and pieces of Linda and Ludmil's home and neighborhood. They live in the country near San Luis Obispo, CA, in basically an artists' settlement. It is so charming and lovely.

We toured many of the sweet seaside towns nearby as well as the Hearst Castle in San Simeon.

Please enjoy my pictures.

Ludmil, Linda and I.

This is the art studio of one of their neighbors.

Chicks and Hens grow prolifically in this area, and they can grow to be as big as 20 inches in diameter.

A peek inside Linda and Ludmil's cottage.

A light and airy room where Linda creates artistic vignettes and more.

Linda at the gate of a neighbor, admiring the trompe l'oeil depiction of handles.

More of Linda's items. Such sweet vignettes she creates. Those tiny chairs and the ottoman are so cute!

Love that huge cornucopia!

More meandering in the settlement.

This beautiful portrait came from Ludmil's family in Bulgaria.

A darling, elderly neighbor has her wee farm stand!

What a clever way to announce one's arrival at the garden. This is a neighbor's.

In the adorable town of Cambria, we enjoyed a shop called Heart's Ease. And below are some shots from there.

What a clever way to use an orchard ladder. It is firmly attached to the building.

Pretty arbor and lanterns amidst California wild flowers.

Lovely Linda through a jasmine arch and into a fairy garden.

A wonderful, old twig chair surrounded by California poppies.

The following are taken at the Hearst Castle.

These are Angel Trumpets. They are so fairy-like, but big, and so, we people are the fairies while enjoying them.

Mr. Hearst spent millions on his collection. I imagine this big book is worth a fortune. It is so large, that it warranted my capturing it in film.

All of the ceilings throughout are ancient and artistically created. Imagine the carvers at work on these long ago.

A few columns of adornment. Modest little numbers.

My dear husband capturing a shot of the dining room.

The little cottage on the premises.

Even at a castle, the recycling must be in plain sight.

The indoor pool is incredible.

Again, the little house on the property.

Linda asked our guide, Patty Rowe, if the Tiffany Lamp was made from mercury glass. No. It is pure silver including silver lace.