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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day with Tim Holz and Honeycomb Papers

I love Tim Holz and am on his emailing list for his You Tube sharing. This one is a great one for Valentine's Day.

Click Below on the words:
Honeycomb Papers

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Recent Trip To Southern, Ohio

I was at my Mother's home in Leesburg, Ohio the past few days. One of my sisters and I shared a lovely room while we stayed there. My iPhone pictures did not all turn out, and so, I can only share what I have below. My Mother is my number one fan when it comes to some of my art work. She bought the painting of the little girl with purse from me many years ago. Below it is also one that I painted of the baby in high chair. My primitive paintings are all copies of genuine old ones.

Below is my copy of the girl in the red dress with dog and cat by Ammi Phillips. I have done this painting many times.

Below is yet another painting that I copied. The original was done by William Matthew Prior. My copy is not quite up to par when looking at the original, but Mother likes it.

The little Valentine pillow below is one I made from a pattern, and I no longer have the pattern, nor do I recall whose it was.

Some of Mother's Pewter.

The lift top blanket chest below is from sometime between the late 1700's/early 1800's. It still has its original old red paint. It was being stored in the house in Leesburg. One of my brothers was living there at the time, while Mother lived in another of her wonderful old houses. Said brother didn't think the chest was of any value, so he put it out onto the lawn for the garbage collector. Luckily the man from whom Mother bought the chest recognized it as he happened to be passing through town. He picked it up and saved it for Mother.

Below is the baby in the high chair that I copied from a book. I honestly forgot who the original painter was, but I know it is a very popular painting. I have painted it several times.

I like that little poem, and so I created it in embroidery. Naturally when I was offering it for sale, Mother bought it. The  poem says:

The bunnies are a feeble folk
Whose weakness is their strength.
To shun a gun a Bun will run
To almost any length.

Oliver Herford

Another painting that Mother bought from me.

The remote on the counter has nothing to do with the painting, ahem. I just grabbed the picture without posing it.

Many rug hookers have seen this wonderful old design and have copied it. Of course, Mother bought it from me.

I did not make this bandbox, because it is a genuine antique and I love it and had to share a picture of it.

This painting I did, and again, Mother bought it. It is a very large one. Again, cannot recall the original artist.

Water color theorem that I did.

Below is simply a sweet little rocking chair in Mother's beautiful upstairs hallway.

Below is the bed I slept in. My youngest sister, Sally, slept in a four poster across the room.

There it is!

I painted this box to look like the old tole country tin pieces. I also made the yellow chalkware cat. Sally made the blue one.

A view from our room to across the hall where there is another wonderful room, but alas, my pictures all failed.

This is down in the great room. I love that the door is hiding a darling little staircase, the hind leg style that takes one upstairs the back way. I'm so sorry that the gorgeous entry hall with the beautiful winding staircase did not get photographed properly.

Across from the great room is the darling little kitchen. It is so cozy and Mother's antiques are all wonderful! Of course, the sink is on the side you can't see, and there is a charming window off to the side that lets lots of light in.

I love to paint lids of new jars that once held food, and that most people recycle or throw out. This one is of an old-fashioned house with the sun rising, borrowed from the style of the great Betty Caithness.