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Monday, December 22, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It STOP!

The snow has delineated the odd curves of part of our yard, and that is due to the many rock formations that exist there. Basalt to be precise.

Although it is very beautiful and quiet, this has been going on a bit long for The Willamette Valley, Oregon. You see, this area is not equipped to keep the streets plowed, and so we get crippled. The ice has caused much loss of electricity and much damage. Many, many places are closed now for days, and this includes retail stores, antiques malls and of course many offices including the state and city offices.

I know this is lightweight compared to many other areas. I love my cake that the snow created out of the bird bath! This family is postponing Christmas celebration until Saturday the 27th., because we will be back in the 40's by then. Yay hooray!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peace on Earth

Well, 'tis time again to concentrate on creating a time of peace on this earth, so let us all do our best to visualize through prayer or thought (whatever means works best for each of us). I have chosen a primitive theme for my Christmas/Hanukkah or just plain solstice this year and that is because it is so sweet and simple, plain and unencumbered. My lamb above is featured in my Christmas card next to my new Santa below.

Here is Santa holding his damask bag with a Christmas tree and of course a dolly! But the tree is hidden behind her, so alas, there you have it. But you can see a tree in the painting that I did below. (The real one is white and sparkly.)

If you wish to make some cards from my little Santa, just click on the link below it and print onto card stock. Cut a small piece of card stock as a back. I use a 3" wide by 5" long piece of it, and I fold it over, and attach it to the back of the Santa card with a piece of foam core tape. Then write in the body of it.

Merry Christmas, everyone!