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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Tillie is the name I gave to this model of a Queen Anne doll that I designed. This particular doll was sold two years ago, but I never really had a chance to enjoy her, and so, I am doing so right here-and-now via the wonderful world of photography. These dolls are made from molds that I had made by a professional mold maker, although, I now make my own molds for any newer designs to be added to my line of dolls.

The original Tillie dolls had maché forearms and hands, but I don't enjoy pouring those with the liquid maché that I use, and so this one was the first one I made with cloth arms and hands. This also lowers the price on this model. And it is more enjoyable for me to actually sew and stuff the arms and hands.

I've recently learned that my tendency in my doll making is pulling away from creating exact replicas of the past. I am now more enamored of utilizing a more assemblage art manner of creating my dolls. Tillie's art is the example of added influences. Her art is her purse, which I loved making.

My favorite subject in art always turns out to be the human figure, preferably clothed in a romantic old world fashion. I look forward to creating more assemblages with some of my dolls, as well as with bits and pieces of actual old dolls. I will share as I go, and hope you will derive some pleasure from my creations.

Monday, June 10, 2013

This Just In re: Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine subscriptions

Hi Christine,

Thank you for the e-mail.

Unfortunately what you have been told is not correct. We do not offer subscriptions for private persons we only deal with retailers. But she can have a subscription though one of your retailer that sends the magazines to her.

Have a great day J

Mange hilsner | Kind regards
Rasmus Jensen

Retail Coordinator

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   T:   (+45) 36 93 20 10 | Contact  09.00 – 14.00

Fra: Christine LeFever [mailto:christinelefever@comcast.net]
Sendt: 7. juni 2013 17:09
Til: Info
Emne: [INFO] - Subscription?


I was under the impression that the only way to procure the magazine is through a dealer, and not through personal subscription. Meanwhile an acquaintance told me she has subscribed to the magazine for years.

How may I subscribe to the magazine?

Thank you.


We were both right.  I said you cannot get the magazine without going to a dealer. The woman who challenged my information did not make the point about getting a subscription through a dealer. She emailed me and emphatically scolded me. Yes, you may subscribe, via a dealer/retailer.

I rest my case.