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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Well Loved - Valentine - SOLD

I called this Valentine's piece Well Loved because of the two tiny girls admiring the boy in the photo. I had those old pieces of the little girls for years knowing that though they were very little, they would look cute somewhere. The paper shadow box is one I made with my Ranger machine for cutting die-cuts. This little die-cut is about 4x4 inches. I love doing mixed-media on these. I also enjoy simply doing paintings in them too.


Monday, March 25, 2024

Finn the Cat

Finn the Cat is currently in my Etsy Store, Here.


Well Loved, A Box Styled Valentine - SOLD

Well Loved is the name I gave to this little shadow box-styled Valentine. SOLD


Lady Rabbit in Brown and White - SOLD

Lady Rabbit, in Brown and White - SOLD ~ I loved creating Lady Rabbits for sale. This is one of them.


Pepper Rabbit - SOLD

Pepper Rabbit was designed by Cinnamon Creek Folk Art. I bought the pattern and did a rendition of it. SOLD


Faux Grodnertal in Her Environ, SOLD

This is a faux Grodnertal lady that I designed to live in the fun environment that I created. She is SOLD. \

Grodnertal dolls were primarily carved woodens. I do not carve. I made mine of cloth body and Paper Clay head/bust.


Sunday, March 24, 2024

Chesterfield Mouse

I made two of this guy. I sold the first one. Here is the one left behind. He stands in my little showcase of items for sale and hopes one day to find a home. Fear not though, because he has a home in this house. If after a while he never sells, he will simply abide here.  You can find him on my Etsy Store: Chesterfield Mouse.


Clementine the Rabbit ~ SOLD

Clementine the Rabbit is in her abode deciding what to do next. SOLD ~

 I haven't done many seasonal items. I have been primarily drawn to making and selling my beautiful maché head, cloth-bodied dolls, but of late it has been a joy to simply play with the seasons.

There is an author who designs digital downloads as well as patterns. She seems to speak my language and as she condones people buying her patterns, she also condones selling them, and so I do. Expect to see many other items designed by her. If you wish to make her designs, go to her Etsy website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CinnamonCreekFolkArt?ref=notif_nfyfs&order=date_desc Her name is Dru Ann Jeffries. 


Saturday, March 23, 2024

Big Peep 1, SOLD

Big Peep 1, SOLD ~ I enjoyed so much creating these peeps. For the holder, I mad a balloon container. There are directions galore out there now for making these. Fun!


Appliqué and Embroidery - SOLD

Appliqué and Embroidery, SOLD I had great fun doing this one and making the frame as well. The frame is cardboard/paper.