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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty Pictures from Victorian Days

This beauty is an embroidered and appliqué piece from the early 1800's. I found it at The Oregon City Antique Mall a couple years ago. That mall closed down, but in a couple months the same building will become The Oregon Mall right here in Oregon City, just one block from my home. Mind you, we are the virtual end of The Oregon Trail.

Below is an amazingly gorgeous French picture where the clothing is beautifully sewn onto the picture. I happily found this one at an incredible estate sale in Portland's beautiful Laurelhurst neighborhood, many years ago.

Another found treasure at The Oregon City Antique Mall. This piece is a beautiful photograph right on the glass.

Below is a wonderful piece of petit point embroidery. I found this one at an estate sale.

And now on to my criss cross frames; that is, some of them. I love, love, love criss cross frames, and cannot resist buying them. I once said I do not really collect anything per se, but alas, it appears that I do, in fact, seem to collect criss cross frames. These are a mere handful of them.


  1. Thanks for the tour of your criss cross frames and other Victorian memorabilia. Beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful collection of treasures! Those frames are quite beautiful. I swear the East Coast has no treasures to be found...they have all found their way West!

  3. You have some wonderful victorian images! What a great collection! The wood frames are as lovely as the art.


  4. I do love your collection. Criss cross frames are a favorite of mine I used to find them now and again but I haven't found one around these parts in a long time. Thank you for sharing, it was a joy to see them.

    Take care,

  5. Beautiful frames and they're beautiful in your home!!!

  6. Christine, thank you for sharing your beautiful collection of your criss cross frames they are stunning and fit perfectly in your wonderful victorian home.

    :) Carolyn

  7. These pictures are beautiful. I love the one where there is fabric added for the dresses. The criss cross frames are so lovely! I love the carved corners.

  8. HI Christine

    you do collect something wonderful those criss cross frames.

    I had a few sold them at one of my sales. I like to know what someone likes and usually give it to them when i am tired of it, like the frames.

    I am out at Vernonia today. Went to the expo antiques show Friday and my favorite booth this year was Madison Park. Their shop is on 13th in Sellwood.

    their space was new and exciting to me. (loved everything in their space)and wanted it

    I think you would enjoy the Victorian theme they have or had at the expo anyway. I bought lots of old cotton lace. I know it's early 1900 lace. love it and another small tin type frame.

    I was in Gladstone last evening for dinner with family and old friends. I waived at you when we passed the falls.
    I told my driver a lady who lives over there makes fabulous dolls, not baby dolls LOL

    I hope to get to Sellwood area Tuuesday before going home Wednesday

    Janice from Missouri

  9. JANICE! I just sent you an email, and received an indication that you are out of the office until March 17. I hope you still got that email. It's my invitation to meet you in person this week, if possible. If you did not, just email me personally at christinelefever@comcast.net. Or call 971-322-5182

    Yes, I went to Expo, and of course I shopped Madison Park, also my favorite, as Randy Parman is a dear old friend, and his shop in Sellwood is divine!