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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Signs of Spring

I went for a walk this morning, first thing, just around the block. The pink blossoms are just beginning to  pop through on the tree by the church that is on the block behind ours. Many of the pink trees throughout the valley are already in beautiful bloom. This one is so pretty when it is finally bloomed, and it is a late bloomer.

 A closeup of a lovely camellia tree in a neighbor's yard. This camellia is in a shady spot and therefore it too is a late bloomer, because most of the camellias in the area area already losing their blooms.

As seen below, a camellia in another neighbor's yard is beginning to turn brown, but oh how splendid it was!

And below is the beginning of some candytuft.

My columbine in its planter is beginning to creep forth.

The neighbor with the candytuft also has a forsythia beginning to bloom. 

Here sits my Mad Hatter amidst much ivy.

Something purple from another neighbor's yard.

The Queen of Hearts among ivy and soon to be blossoming bluebells.

The neighbor with the candytuft and the forsythia has some pretty white flowers beneath her  rhododendrons. There are two of them there, and each is a different color! So beautiful, and soon to be in full bloom.

And in my own back yard is this lovely white daffodil!


  1. That was a wonderful walk through green grass, blossoms, and blooms. It's still winter here, though there is a touch of chartreuse in the bare willow trees.

    Thank you for the lovely amble!

    XX Helen

  2. What a nice stroll with lovely photo's.

  3. Such nice pictures for a dreary day!!!