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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sammy, Our Cat

Sammy used to belong to my son and his late wife. It was a little helter-skelter watching her as a kitten, for she got lost in the fray most of the time. Our son was off working hard at Intel, while our then DIL was in the process of dying, although no one suspected it. She was on pain pills that eventually destroyed her liver and kidneys, and so a month after her 30th birthday, she went into a coma, and two days later, died.

Sarah is who named Sammy. I would never name a pet Sammy, because so many people use that name. I would have given her a more exotic name. But she answers to Sammy, and so she remains.

Meanwhile, Sarah had two babies to care for. Gregory was two years old on the same day as his mother's birthday. Lily was all of three months old. There was also the dog. And the two parakeets. When we would visit, we marveled at how disgusting and filthy the house always was, and why Sarah always wanted to be asleep on the couch with the tv area walled off so that little Gregory couldn't wander out of her reach. Had we only known, perhaps her life could have been spared. She was a very loving young woman. Nonetheless, we were the ones who saw to it that Sammy was spayed. We always loved that dear little tabby kitten and many times I would see to it that she was fed and supplied with fresh water.

Our son was very eager to find a mother for his half orphaned babies. It wasn't even a year when DIL # 2 entered the scene. She did not want Sammy to live inside, because she and our son brought into the world a new baby.

Cats love warmth and companionship. Poor Sammy had to live outside now. Well, my husband and I chose to ask for Sammy a few months after she'd lived solely outdoors, because our area had a serious stretch of extremely cold and icy weather. It was so treacherous outside the day we drove to get Sammy, that it actually took us two hours to get to what normally takes a half hour, and then with Sammy, back two more hours. And by the request of the law, we were among the very few who had ventured out that stormy night.

It was so worth that journey. Sammy is happy and content and very loving. Although she suffers still, just a wee bit, from the memories of two small children banging on "Kitty", and of course ultimately being stuck outside, alone. Occasionally the dog would be out with her, and she and he did get along, so at least she took comfort in his company.

We spoil her, because we love her. She has, in just over two years, eradicated any trace of the mice that enjoyed creeping about our home. Of course, she did that almost immediately, and she makes sure nary a one creeps back!

We bought her a lovely, old yellow ware Kitty dish at a very fine antiques venue. I serve her fresh water daily in a pretty, very pale blue, Fire King dish. And we keep dry food available to her at all times. You can sort of see her catnip mouse next to it.

Sammy says Meow, prrrrrr....


  1. Happy ending to a special post. Love to Sammy from Miss Abbie!

    :) Carolyn

  2. Hi Christine,
    Oh Thank You! I know Sammy is so happy with you and she just looks adorable. I'm so glad she came o live with you.

  3. Lucky kitty-I wouldn't mind being a cat in your home!

  4. the above comment is from me, Zachary is my son and somehow it was logged in under his name! Leah

  5. It is so sad about your daughter in law, but I am so pleased that you now have Sammy. She looks like a very happy cat to be living with you ! My word verification is undicat!

  6. I remember the tales of getting a call about your DIL's passing that stick with me to this day. Sammy, no doubt, is forever grateful that you've rescued her from outdoor life. She beams with contentment and the joy of sharing love. No doubt your DIL is pleased too!

  7. Sammy is a darling cat. Tabbies are my favorite cats and we have been privileged to have them in our lives over the years. At the moment we are cat-free, but I know the day will come when we will have one in our lives again. What a sweet face Sammy has! She must be so happy to be loved in your household.

    On a different note, my niece passed away under age 30 in similar circumstances and leaving two children. My husband's close friend passed away last year...same situation. Both were taking drugs ordered by their doctors. So very, very sad.

    I am glad Sammy in your life...and you in hers!

  8. Such a sad story.I'm glad you have Sammy around though. Pets bring a lot of joy and comfort.

  9. Oh so sad to hear of your daughter in law's suffering and passing so young. I hope your son and his children and doing well now.
    Sammy must be thrilled to be with you. I can hear how much you love him. He must really be thrilled to be in your warm home.

  10. Good for you for giving Sammy a home. Poor thing, being outside when she was used to the inside. She looks so happy.

  11. Animals bring us such comfort
    and distraction as we go through such sad times. Sammy is such a lucky cat!

  12. What a darling cat and I love the dishes she uses!!! She is well taken care of and loved!!

  13. Sammy is such a sweetie! I didn't have cats growing up but wouldn't be without one now. They can add so much joy to our lives if we only let them.

  14. '
    Sammy is in a good place now

    Christine so happy I got invited to your lovely beautiful warm home and met Sammy and Greg. Oh and you also ofcourse.

    Tammy loves you and Greg and sammy

    I am at the Kansas City airport waitng on my shuttle bus ride home


  15. Your poor daughter in law. How sad for her family. I happy Sammy has a nice home. You didn't mention how are the children doing?

  16. Alas, Anonymous, my son and his wife want nothing to do with us. She is a mentally ill young woman who has rejected ALL grandparents from the lives of her other children and we have been included in that. Our son is under her "mind controlling" capabilities. They reject us entirely even though we welcomed her and her two older children with love and joy. We paid for our first DIL's funeral, paid for the second's wedding, gave them the sizable down payment for their house, paid for the three PODS for moving, helped in the packing up and unloading, watched our grandchildren, and of course we have donated two cars to our son's family. The list goes on, but she hates us. She is riddled with fear in her need to control every aspect of her life. She cannot allow those into her life if she cannot control them, and she clearly made lists against us and accused me of being a horrible mother to my son, all of which is untrue, but she uses "implanting memories techniques". She has done this to many...