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Friday, August 18, 2017

Flow Blue Sugarbowl, Antique with Floral Arrangement

This beautiful, antique flow blue sugar bowl lost its lid, and so, I elected to make it into a permanent flower arrangement along with a lovely sepia toned photo of a little girl with her pet bird.

I used to create make-do pincushions from this sort of thing. It has been very gratifying for me to make them into little floral/picture arrangements for a change. My charge for one as a pincushion was very high, due to the work as well as the value of the antique piece. These days people do not feel they can afford such a thing, and the early dishes are also no longer much appreciated, hence they are practically given away. This one only cost my client $36.00. A few years ago, as a pincushion, I commanded and received sometimes up to $450.00!

When out and about shopping amongst antiques stores and estate sales or wherever, I cannot pass up these dear, rejected and gorgeous remnants of the past. Most of them I keep, but as space itself is a commodity, I must part with a few from time-to-time. I am so happy that this beauty is en route to beautiful New Mexico.

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