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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two of My Dolls

We just received our copy of the latest issue of Early American Life (EAL) magazine; that being the February, 2014 one. There is an article in it called Preserving Your Textile Treasures and right there in a picture are two of MY dolls! Years ago, I gifted these two to Tess, the owner of the magazine. Thank you Tess for sharing my all cloth poppet, and my Maché head, cloth bodied, Tess. Ironically, I had already named this doll Tess before I ever met Tess of EAL!

I sort of had Tess of the d'Urvervilles in mind, even though my Tess represents an 18th. century styled doll, and the story by Thomas Hardy actually took place in the 1800's and not the 1700's, and of course, Tess of the story had a tragic life, whereas my dolly has a very good life! I just like the name for this doll. It fits a young woman of pastoral England of the earlier days.

Tess is also pictured in my blog banner. The other pictured doll is my milliner's model, Emma.

Also, we have this magazine quite early, because my husband is a contributor to it and the contributors get their copies before they hit the news stands.


  1. How nice! You must be so pleased!

    Hope you have the happiest of holiday seasons! xx

  2. That has to make you very proud to see your creation in a magazine again and again
    Tess is sweet

  3. I rarely purchase magazines these days but did purchase EAL to see Paula Waltons home last month. Now I will have to make sure to purchase it again!
    just lovely -as usual!
    Priscilla Miller

  4. Congrats, you must be so pleased!

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!