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Friday, December 27, 2013

Podium to Beans

I bought this old podium years ago, and I painted it with touches of mauve against white, colors that already existed in our 1888 Italianate house. I have never wanted to change this color that to me is softly reminiscent of a more Gothic era. It is quiet and calming and exquisitely beautiful to me.

I strove to sell my podium at various venues, but never a taker, and  I have to say my price has always been quite low. I guess no one wants my podium. I cannot fathom one not wanting one! I've enjoyed podiums down through the years. Since it was my last one, and not moving at Monticello Market Place, I simply took it back today, and am so happy that I did. Here it stands proudly in a spare bedroom. Draped over it is my beautiful old piano scarf that also contains shades of the same mauve, although my photographic skills rendered it more of a pink. Alas, we do not have a piano. The antique and very beautiful, brown Bible is a German one. I know I picked it up at an estate sale for diddly squat. That is one of my favorite prices. I've actually gotten considerable use from my little podium. Now it serves only for beauty, for the time being. 

Beans? Oh yes. Gregory soaked overnight a bag of 15 beans, and upon rinsing and draining them, here is how pretty they looked in the morning. The soup is now made and it will be our dinner momentarily. Luscious ham and bean soup with lots of vegetables. No picture of that though. I have to admit that I am not a vegetarian, nor intend to become one, although I've dabbled in it from time-to-time. Nope, I like to eat meat. I bless my food and thank the animal for assisting my body in life, and take it from there. I know that the environment begs less meat eating, and I do bless our world for that sake too. I choose to eat only organically raised animals too. So there you have it!

I am no longer sharing my blog with my Facebook friends. It seems rather silly to do so. I am not really going to Facebook much anymore either. That may change all-in-due-course, but for now, I prefer to keep my world simple and quiet.

I wish, you my blog visitors, a peaceful and quiet time too.

Sending love to all of you.


  1. Looks good to me! Both items featured in your blog...ha ha ha.
    Happy New Year blogger friend. Would love to meet up with you sometime this year.

    The dolly ornaments I bought from you were a HIT!

  2. I love this sentence. "I prefer to keep my world simple and quiet." Exactly. Christine, I am not in anyway in the same league of dollmakers as yourself. In fact, as a retired art teacher I've wandered around with various media/techniques the past few years just trying to find my "niche." Eventually, I realized I kept yearning to find a doll-treasure of sorts in an attic I do not own in a a charming old house I also don't own. ha! Thus, I landed on the doorstep of my own fantasy. I've started creating my own cloth/paperclay dolls. In my designing process I've thrown away so many "duds" it's crazy...but think I am on to something now. Because I handstitch the bodies I am also slow as proverbial molasses right from the start...Anyway, I marvel at others who seem to handle the whole range of social media and still find time to create. I simply can't cover all the nuances of maintaining a persona online and want my time to be directed to creating. Had to tell you that I check in with your blog occasionally to see whatever it is you might have recently posted. Never am I disappointed. Just wanted to comment and tell you how much I enjoy your postings, no matter how frequently they appear. Thanks so much! Debra K Rowe/Kansas City