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Friday, September 13, 2013

Horror Vacui

I love Victorian treasures, from virtually the world over. Luckily, my dear husband, Gregory, does too, and he always finds my choices appealing. He and I will celebrate our 45th. year as husband and wife tomorrow, the 14th. of September! Our choice in celebrating will take us on a little antiques buying trip down to Coburg near Eugene. We'll stop in at shops along the way from our home in Oregon City, through historic Aurora and down through our lovely capitol of Salem, and on into Albany and so on. 

Of course, because we sell antiques, we must keep our eyes out for more and more wonderful treasures pretty much always!

Following are some of the items I have selected down through the years for our boudoir. But meanwhile, some of you may ask, what is horror vacui?

In visual arthorror vacui (/ˈhɔrər ˈvɑːkjuː/; from Latin "fear of empty space"), also cenophobia(/sɛnəˈfbɪə/, from Greek "fear of the empty"),[1] is the filling of the entire surface of a space or anartwork with detail.

Horror Vacui is a condition that I enjoy. But not as seriously as the actual definition indicates. Like the Victorians before me, I too, love filling my space with many wonderful treasures in which to feast my eyes on at every turn. Once in a while I go through a minimalist stage that lasts only a little while, and I pack up many of my treasures and march them off to sell or store them away until a rainy day.

We have many rainy days here in our corner of the world, and such a pleasure it is for me to find my treasures again and to bring them back out!


  1. As you know, I'm afflicted with the same condition! I am not interested in a cure, either. Happy hunting, and safe travels!

  2. Happy, happy anniversary! Lovely photos! xx

  3. Hi Christine

    happy Anniversary to you & Gregory

    and looking at those pictures reminds me of the day I was invited into your home to walk the floors of your & Gregory's house and see your wonderful studio where you create

    hopefully again some day I can get back to Oregon City
    I am planning a trip maybe next June out there

  4. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you both!
    We celebrated our 40th this summer...where do the years go, heh?

    So nice to finally have an official name for my condition too...lol!

    Happy Fall to you and yours.