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Sunday, September 22, 2013


My friend, Gretchen Nation, put the picture of a doll on her Facebook page as her avatar. I recognized that funny doll and couldn't remember where I'd seen it. I thought perhaps at an estate sale, or a flea market. On that very same day I saw her new avatar, as Brigitte (daughter) and I went to Monticello Antique Marketplace. Lo and behold, there was that doll in the space of friends and dealers, Terry and Sonia of Vintage Station and Monticello and Wade Creek. Such a coinkydink, er coincidence, I think! I had Brigitte take my picture so I could text it to Gretchen. So funny!

You may note that I have stopped having my hair colored. It's worn in a ponytail in this picture, and the first four inches are my natural white and a little of the dark still in there. The ponytail is still a yellowish blonde now, leftover from coloring. No more coloring!


  1. Love your new look Christine!! You are looking pretty happy and content...
    Hugs, Nancy W.

  2. So nice bumping into you and Brigette at Monticello. I have been thinking about not coloring my hair anymore. It looks great on you and your hair has gotten so long. That's probably why I didn't recognize you at first.

  3. you are both dolls!
    I quit coloring my hair about 5 or so years ago and don't miss the bother, one bit.

    Let there be white!

  4. You look so cute as you always do. I wish I could get brave enough to stop the color. Thanks for the heads up on Monticello. Love that place.

  5. I still like your natural color the bestest! (Bestest is a word - just ask any child.) You look good with it this way.