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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Poem About The Law of Attraction

I hold it true that thoughts are things;

They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings;

And that we send them forth to fill

The world with good results or ill.

That which we call our secret thought

Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot,

Leaving its blessings or its woes,

Like tracks behind it as it goes.

We build our future, thought by thought,

For good or ill, yet know it not,

Yet so the universe was wrought..

Thought is another name for fate;

Choose, then, the destiny and wait,

For love brings love and hate brings hate.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox



  1. Beautiful poem and definitely words to live by. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration poem on the Laws of Attraction! Keep up the great work! I would love to use it sometime..
    Daniel D

  3. Thoughts definitely create your reality. Unlike what many people think, it is not one positive thought that changes their lives.

    A very wise metaphysician once said, "Change your thinking and then keep it changed." In order to have lasting results with the Law of Attraction, you need to practice more positive thinking. Any time you find yourself falling back into negative thinking, you have to go back to positive thinking. It takes a good deal of work to accomplish this.

    When you get better at filling your thoughts with positive ideas, you will find that they more easily cancel out the negative thoughts. You will also find that you begin to attract more good things into your life.

  4. I enjoyed your poem. I agree are thoughts, feelings and emotions shape the reality that is around all of the time.

  5. Honey I am waiting for my new Love since I am sending love out in this world LOL


    I love poems

  6. I love your blog. Glad to be back in touch. Have a great week!!!

  7. awesome, thanks for sharing it.
    XOXO ~connie

  8. I love her poetry...found one of her poems pasted in the back cover of my great great grandmothers Bible! See my post entitled Minnie Elizabeth Weatherington Aly...
    Small world...kindreds everywhere!