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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beatrix Potter's World via a Wonderful Book

I bought this book years ago. I have never stopped enjoying it. Like Tasha Tudor, who admired Beatrix Potter immensely, I too am inspired by this great soul. I hope you will enjoy some of the tidbits I've scanned to share with you on this beautiful day in January.

Her little doll house is so sweet. I wonder if Tasha's doll house wasn't inspired because of Beatrix's doll house. My scanner could not get the entire picture.

What a lovely staircase landing. I enjoy how she incorporated it into her stories.

There it is with the Mother cat standing regally in this lovely spot.

And again, with that old mouse striving to get the rolling pin to his destination.

The three little kittens and mother cat are certainly enjoying this lovely garden.

This is a picture of the actual garden depicted in the above scene.


  1. Thank you Christine for sharing this beautiful book. I don't have this one but --I do have another that shows lovely pictures of Beatrix's home inside and out, sketches of her paintings and other poperties she owned and of course I do have the DVD!!! She certianly was an inspiration to many!

    Loved your garden and the hummingbird houses!

    Lovely posts Christine, :) Carolyn

  2. Dear Christine,

    "At Home With Beatrix Potter" is amongst our favorite tea time books!

    We have featured Beatrix Potter several times on our blog Corgyncombe Courant. Here are the links to our February 2009 Beatrix Potter posts:



    We are so inspired by Beatrix Potter and Tasha Tudor!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Take care,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  3. The book looks wonderful! The Miss Potter movie is one of my favorites!

  4. What a charming book, I so love all the Beatrix books and I love the movie, Miss Potter.....enchanting...
    I am working on a new doll, I am so inspired by the doll house, I may have to add that to my wish list!!!
    Thank you for sharing, you have a lovely post!!
    Margaret B

  5. Hi Christine,
    I loved this post and I have to get this book. I recently read The Heritic's Daughter which I think I read about on your blog and it was a wonderful book. I've never seen pictures of Beatrix Potters home and so enjoyed seeing these enchanting pictures.


  6. We are all huge Beatrix Potter fans around my house (my husband included!) I read her wonderful stories to my children almost every night at bedtime when they were little. We have the BBC produced stories on video and when those became outdated, we were thrilled to find them on DVD. Thanks for sharing bits and pieces from what looks to be a "must have" book about this amazing woman.

  7. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this place of wonder.
    It is even more endearing in reality having visited the estate a decade ago...
    Beatrix was so ahead of her time and made sure this wonderful treasure remained unharmed and protected for generations to come...

  8. How wonderful that book looks!
    I had just finished reading two biographies of Beatrix Potter I found at the library and was intrigued by the life she had. I have to admit some of it was very sad but she managed to hold her own no matter what. Beautiful pictures!
    Tina xo

  9. A recommendation, if you do
    not already have a copy ~
    Beatrix Potter - A Journal
    Filled with facsimiles... I
    had sent it and some others to Tasha for one of her last
    birthdays and she enjoyed it

  10. Have you seen the book about Tasha's doll house? I think you'd love it!

  11. Anonymous,

    Thank you for the recommendation on Beatrix - A Journal that is filled with facsimiles. Because there are a couple or more in the book that I have, I am enchanted. I will eagerly seek this journal, and it's wonderful that you gifted one to Tasha. I so admire the way she built her own Beatrix styled existence, yet so clearly her own.
    I am honored that you have suggested this book to me! Again, thank you!!!


  12. Mary, indeed, I do have the book on Tasha's doll house and I totally love it!


  13. Sandy, I too have owned, but gave them to my daughter for her children, those beautiful BBC "tapes" of the Beatrix Potter Tales, and I have wished that they were still mine, just because I love them. Thank you for informing me that I can get them on video! I am going to do that!!!

  14. I just loved seeing these pictures~ Thanks for posting them. Her staircase is darling and I just love the fence she has in her garden. Very pretty and different!!!

  15. what a gorgeous book and what a beautiful home she created. I agree, I see a lot of Tasha in the pages and things she enjoyed. I so admire Beatrix. She certainly followed her bliss! A remarkable woman :)

  16. Christine dear ~

    You of all gifted people
    should have the Journal...
    I have archived a few for
    my Grandaughters. You will
    love the ingenious presentation and discoveries. Enjoyment and
    blessings ~

  17. Again, Anonymous,

    Thank you so very much for such an honor to be praised by one such as you. I am so happy to report that the book is already on its way to me. I owe this treasure all to you, and don't even know who you are. :-(
    You can email me, if you like.

  18. I have never seen this book. Thank you for sharing it. I'm going o see if I can find a copy. I love Beatrix Potter and her amazing world. It is a wonderful place to lose oneself.


  19. Excellent book!
    Recently on TV they showed the house and gardens and the young family lucky enough to be living in it. They are dedicating their lives to maintaining and restoring the home to its former glory. It is a bed and breakfast so if you are in the UK and have the cash you can stay there! Its in such a beautiful part of the country. Beatrix was definitely ahead of her time.

  20. Oh what fun - these images remind me of my childhood and how very entranced I was with my little set of Beatrix Potter books. I think her illustrations fascinated me ~ funny, I just spent the whole day illustrating too :)

    Thanks for the fun memories.. (Tasha included)

    ~ Johanna