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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Velvet Strawberry ~ A Little Book

Here is my second little book with a pattern for making something from the story. This story involves my doll Amy who is planning a tea party.

If you wish to procure one of my books, click here. Each book costs $16 and that includes the shipping - (Unless it's not on this continent). I'm working on more and will continue to post on this blog when new ones are ready.

I also have it covered on the sidebar. Each book is made from the same paper. The difference here is the first was photographed while the second was scanned. Details you know...

Thank you for visiting!
Christine ~


  1. Hi Zwee!!!, I love your new selling blog!, and all the wonders you have listed.
    We will be traveling to WA this weekend via OR. I'll wave a "hello" as we pass! :)

  2. Hi Christine...Oh, I just love your little witch! She is wonderful...such attention to detail!

    And your little books...so sweet. Did you do all of your illustrations?
    You are such a talent, Ms. Zwee!!!

    Enjoy your day!