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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have a very dear and valued friend who once gave me some excellent advice on displaying my home. Thank you, Jamie! She suggested that I photograph and from there edit. Of course, this is evolution itself at this house. And so, I have removed the petticoats and pantalets from the windows, because it seemed a bit too fussy for me. There they all are now, adjacent to the bed, with plenty of walking space. I do believe, Julie, that some of the dolls did try them on while I was asleep, and even one petticoat was removed and replaced by an even older one. Those girls do have fun!


  1. Your new display really makes a big statement, even though everything is small!! I love how it all fits together!! If only those dolls could talk....so we could hear them anyway!!!
    Really, really sweet grouping!!

  2. I love that photo Christine, all those cute little clothes hanging there is precious. It makes a wonderful vignette!
    I always believed my dolls got up at night and had a life separate from mine. I'm still not sure they do that now...:)
    Tina xo

  3. Typical girls, trying on everyone's clothes. Such fun. Wish I could join them in their games.

    A wonderful grouping. You can see each one separately but each one also completes the whole.