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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Petticoats and Pantalets

Aren't they cute? All but one of these were recently gifted to me by a dear friend from the Midwest who is moving to another state. I am so delighted that she no longer wanted them and was happy to bless me with the little darlings. These are doll clothes from the Victorian era and I love them so very, very much just hanging in my guest bedroom window for all to see. The guest bedroom, incidentally, is the place where dolls awaiting adoptions reside. I have strung the little garments on string across a lovely herb drying rack that I simply de-ribboned in order to place them each in a window.


  1. What wonderful treasures....a dear, thoughtful friend, and sweet little dolly things!! Such a simply perfect grouping too! Bet all the dolls will be whispering when the lights go out as to who wants to try which item on!!
    Enjoy your treasures!

  2. I love the little bloomers! Doll clothes hung with little clothespins bring back memories for me.

  3. OMG are they ever cute! What a neat and imaginative way to display them. It reminds me of a laundry clothes line only better.

    That was a thoughtful and oh so appropriate gift for you. Such a wonderful friend. Lucky you.


  4. What a wonderful way to display them! I love the way this looks!