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Friday, May 22, 2009

Soy Sauce and Burns

Soy sauce is a wonderful medicine for burns, but the trick is to get the soy sauce onto the burn immediately. Yesterday I burned my left thumb severely when I foolishly picked up the sealing wax stick that I had just used. It was melting and hot and painful.  I ran downstairs to the fridge and immediately doused the owy with soy sauce. It was in pain nonetheless, and after soaking it in ice water and then bandaging it, I noticed later in the day that it was ALL better. My husband, Greg, learned this somewhere. It works every time.


  1. Learn something new every day! I will definitley give this a try. I do use ice or ice water when I burn myself, but I am open to anything for faster healing. Glad that you are okay because a doll maker with a burned thumb is not a good thing! It must have really hurt.

    Happy holiday weekend!


  2. OH Zwee..I'm so sorry you burned yourself!!!!!

    Thank goodness for your home remedy..I shall have to remember it!

    Do be careful!


  3. So sorry to hear about your nasty burn! I didn't know that about Soy sauce. How interesting and good to know! I always just use ice if its really bad or cold water if its just a sting burn. Aloe Vera is wonderful for a burn too. If you have the plant you can break a stem leaf off and let the juice run over the burn. Takes the sting right out!
    Happy you are better!

  4. Sorry you burned yourself. I do that all the time on my glue gun! Thanks for passing on the soy sauce remedy. I will try it.


  5. AWWW, not a great way to start the Memorial weekend is it! :-(
    Hope the rest of it is finger lickin' good Zwee!!!

  6. I thought I read "Soy Sauce Burns" and knew I needed to come over to see what you were up to. Sorry to hear about your actual burn and can't wait until I burn myself so I can try the remedy! (lol) We missed seeing you at Tarte this weekend. Looks like you had wonderful weekend with your family! We can't wait to see your beautiful home...love the colors already!!

  7. This is my first visit to your blog and what a beautiful blog it is!

    Can't wait to see what you post next.