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Friday, May 1, 2009


The word Fraktur is both singular and plural. One does not have a dozen frakturs, one has a dozen fraktur.

Fraktur is a beautiful art form to me.

My dear and very talented husband, Gregory LeFever wrote a wonderful story about Fraktur for Early American Life magazine. Visit the article to learn all about Fraktur.

The top fraktur is from Winterthur Museum Delaware. Mind you, the pronunciation is Winter ter, don't sound out the th. I know that many of you already know this, but there are some young ones out there who've not been much exposed to this sort of thing.

The second one is a portrait of George Washington by an anonymous painter. Art historians refer to him as the "Washington-Sussel Artist" because his work was first studied by a collector of that name. It is in the Independence National Historical Park.

The third Fraktur is from artist Lana Manis of Honeysuckle Lane. Hi, Lana!

The last one is my little bird fraktur that is a copy of a c. 1790 eastern Pennsylvania, book mark in ink and watercolor. I have framed it in glass and silver solder that I aged to a dark patina.


  1. I love this art form, too. Many people here decorate their homes with prints, and I have seen some originals in museums.

    I especially love the horseman and what you have done with your bookmark.

    You are right...most people don't know the term unless they live where they are popular in decor or in local museums or have an interest in Americana or folk art.

    Will look for Early American Life article. Lovely post!


  2. They are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love fraktur. You did a wonderful job on yours. It's really a bookmark size? Incredible detail for something that small!


  4. Oh, these are really great!

  5. Yes, Christine, I have always loved fraktur too. We are very lucky to have so many fine examples of it here in Penna. Your version of it is just beautiful, it even looks like an old piece! And I am also fond of Lana's work... always so detailed, but yet light and airy! Becky

  6. Happy May Day Christine!
    If i lived close, i would knock on your door, set a pretty vase of Tulips there, and zoom away!!! HA~ but since I dont live close, and I cant 'zoom' like I used to, just imagine it~ ok? I used to love surprising the neighbors at home when I was little, with a little may day flowers on their doorstep~ they prolly thought I was crazy!
    I love Fraktur too~ they have such a simple pleasing look~ but really are VERY hard to duplicate! Yours is wonderful~ Id love some good original watercolor bookmarks...let me know when you get some on your website! HINT HINT HINT!
    xoxoxo rachael

  7. A beautiful post Christine...your fraktur is lovely. A very interesting and informative article. Thank-you for sharing!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Nancy

  8. I enjoyed this post Christine and learned something new ~ the correct pronunciation of Winterthur ~ thank you!

    Thank you also for adding my Fraktur birds to your post.

    Happy May Day to you and Gregory!

  9. Happy May Day! Your examples of Fraktur are wonderful....but, I especially love Lana's! I'll enjoy reading more about them in Gregory's article, thank you for the link to download the article.
    And someday, I would LOVE to visit the Winterthur Museum Delaware!

  10. These are just beautiful. I particularly love the 4th one down with all the birds..that is just lovely..and of course..I LOVE Lana's she does such a beautiful job!


  11. Hi Christine, They are all beautiful. I enjoy reading your husbands articles. He is indeed a wonderful and talented writer, But so are you. Its no wonder you two met and fell in love.
    I don't know if I should be letting this cat out of the bag yet, but I have seen you joined Early Works Mercantile. It is honor to be there with you. Doreen has done just a wonderful job assembling some fantastic artist.

  12. Hi my most amazingly talented friend!
    Congrats on the Country Victorian Article, WOWOWOW !!!! You and your home are so deserving!
    Love all the fraktur too!

  13. Hi Christine,

    Totally off topic, I just wanted to let you know that I was weeding through some of my past magazines and came across the February issue of Country Living. Congratulations on the article and being the 31st inductee into the Country Living Guild (an honor bestowed by CL to American artisans). How very exciting for you!