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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Daguerreotype ~ 1840s ~ A Wonderful Score for Me at a Local Estate Sale

I don't go to many estate sales these days. Out here in Oregon "early" items are rare. Early suggests pre-1850. I live in a town that began in the 1840s and luckily I reside in one of the historic homes. 

Daguerreotype: Yes, this is a true daguerreotype. I learned how to identify them. I scored this beauty for next to nothing at a recent estate sale and I am beyond thrilled. ~ Many of you may not know the difference between a tintype and a daguerreotype. Daguerreotypes were invented in France in 1839. By 1850 tintypes came into favor, and soon the former faded into the past. A Daguerreotype when turned just right shows a negative image. Tintypes do not. The daguerreotypes are very expensive in comparison to the tintypes. The one pictured is quite large for a daguerreotype.

I am quite proud of this beautiful lady now on my front parlor wall.


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