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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Cloth Queen Anne Doll ~ "A" ~ SOLD

This small cloth doll in the Queen Anne tradition is dressed in her boudoir clothing which includes her shift, her stays and her pockets.

Underwear as we know it was not yet invented. Women merely wore many petticoats. Even pantaloons and/or pantalets were not yet invented; not until the 1860's. The Queen Anne era I represent with my dolls is the 1700's.

The doll is 12 inches tall.

As seen in one of the photos, she can put her hands into her little pockets. Pockets were worn underneath their gowns and could be accessed via slits in garments. She kept her small necessaries with her throughout the day.

I have deemed this doll Queen Anne A, because I make others like her. Each one is individual nonetheless.