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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paige, A Sweet Cloth Doll

My Paige sold right away, but I wanted to share her here, because I had such pleasure creating her. I love her wee poem on her little, white Valentine heart, and I love her human hair.

I frequent estate sales whenever nice old things are shown in the photos on estate finder. A couple years ago I found at one of the sales a book of poems all doll related.

Here is Paige's little poem that I deliberately wrote onto the heart in an almost horror vacui style, which I love, for it wastes no space and that is how many olden days people utilized all of their precious paper.

Doll was lost
Outdoors at night;
She saw the moon,
Enormous bright,
A dewdrop fell
Upon her nose.
A beetle ran
Across her toes.

Miriam G. Potter
Golden book of Little Verses

Definition of horror vacuo:

horror vacui |ˈvakyəˌwī|noun [ in sing. ]fear or dislike of leaving empty spaces, esp. in an artistic composition.ORIGIN mid 19th cent.modern Latin, literally horror of a vacuum.

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