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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Little Bella Dolls

I have been working on an order for many of my dolls. Here is a batch of the Bella's, waiting in my art room window to be properly photographed before being sent to their new owner.

I have had some requests for some of my Bella's recently, and promise I will fill these requests as soon as I have time.

Thank you so much for your support of my dolls. I enjoy so very much the entire process of creating them.


  1. Oh my, they are little sweethearts! I like them.

  2. Dearest Christine…

    Linnie Nolan and I have recently been able to meet in person!! at Tasha Tudor's home and cottage tour earlier this month. As we are now friends on a fb group, we were all sharing photos of our sweet dollies. She and I both have a Bella!! We couldn't' believe it…but then we could:)) Then our friend Belinda, who i have known since childhood and have recently reconnected with, saw and fell in love with our Pretty Bella Girls:) I hope she will be able to get one of these little beauties…maybe she's already put in an order for she had asked how to find one. Just know how much we love you and think of you so very often, and how thankful we are for your talent.
    Much much love,