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Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Celebrated Friend's Visit ~ Nicol Sayre!

On Saturday the 30th. of August, Gregory and I were delighted to welcome into our home friend,  Nicol Sayre and her wonderful husband, Phil for a fun little visit. They were in Portland for a wedding to attend on Sunday. To my surprise, dear Nicol brought me a gift of one of her adorable, tiny dolls seen pictured.

Knowing Nicol was going to be at my house the night before, I had a dream about Anna Nicole Smith! Hello! I guess Nicol's celebrated name led me to that one. (For those of you who do not know of Nicol Sayre, hear me now, she is a very renowned and amazing creator of the most beautiful dolls.)  And so, I have given my little doll the name Anna Nicol. I love the beautiful old-fashioned name Anna, and I also love Nicol and her name. Allow me to introduce to you my beautiful, little Anna Nicol here in my house.

Why is there no picture of Nicol and me, or of Phil and Gregory? We forgot!

Anna Nicol is sitting on the lap of my lovely Gail Wilson Queen Anne doll, Clothilda that I made from one of her fabulous kits. I named the doll; Gail did not.

Enjoy my girls!


  1. I might just faint from sheer delight! How lovely. Don't you just hate it when you forget to take pictures?
    Have had you on my mind a lot lately. Life is too busy.

  2. I love all things Nicol especially my daughter Nicole. Lovely dolls!

  3. How fortunate you are to have received such a beautiful gift from a wonderful artist.
    The sweet thing looks perfect on the lap of the other dollie.

  4. What a lovely little girl is Anna Nicol and she looks quite content on Clthilda's lap!