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Friday, July 4, 2014

Porcelain Doll Heads ~ SOLD

Here is my small collection of antique, porcelain doll heads. Although the large one has a crack through the bust, she has been repaired by someone before I found her, and she can be made into a doll. I love these beauties, because I simply love dolls and doll related items of the 19th. century and earlier.  I just SOLD these girls on my Etsy store. Once it's sold on Etsy, it disappears.

 For you see, although I live in a Victorian, Italianate styled home, it is the earlier designs that I make and love the most, those being the mache heads and the all cloth as well as the woodens. And so, I am in the process of making room for the earlier dolls by finding new homes for these newer dolls. I have a few of the very large porcelains that will be put up for sale, one-of-these-days.

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