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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Window

Click on the link The Window:

This is a mixed-media on canvas that I enjoyed creating, especially for the back of it with the secret pocket. You can actually hide something small back there, maybe a love note, since it's a shallow paper pocket. 

I have it at my Etsy shop with the following description:

"Standing near her elegant, Gothic styled window of her mansion is a beautiful, young woman dressed in white. Denoted on this canvas are the words "Come to the window softly". I have wrapped the canvas in book pages, and used the backside as my front. Embellishments include paper rosettes, flowers, feathers and leaves. There are buttons and there is glitter and jewels and lace also adorning this romantic piece. On the backside I have created a secret pocket. One can put something into it for safe keeping, if need be. The canvas measures 8x10, but it extends with the decorative items."

You will notice that I am now promoting my creations via this blog, along with thoughts and observations.

I hope you will enjoy seeing what I have happily been doing.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Christine,
    This is a wonderful art canvas! I love the PW images you used as well, and all your lovely usage of text! Gorgeous!