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Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Work and Bamboo Rhizomes

Whoever planted bamboo on this property did a horrible thing. I suspect it was done owner-before-last. We've lived here now seven years. The owners before us were here for six years. The one before they, lived here for seventeen years. 

Sheesh! I have for two years now, throughout our "yard" been eradicating bamboo, the kind with tenacious taking-over rhizomes. Mind you, I use a pickax and lots of muscle. Gregory doesn't have time for this sort of thing. He is always writing, and he needs to. I do not believe I could locate anyone for hire to do this work. So, peace meal I go about it when the mood strikes. I'm almost done in two parts of the yard. Spring is the best time for this job.

Our property was built on an area of much rock, and some say it is basalt. I don't really know for sure what it is, nonetheless, I am digging out mass rocks. I've not been able to really garden, but I will have my gardens come what may.

Below is a picture of the bamboo rhizomes. Greg does mow the tall stalks. I then dig up the rest.

On a happier note, we have a beautiful bumper crop of bluebells in the lovely Willamette Valley this year. They are everywhere and so gorgeous. Below are some from my yard interspersed with honesty, a lovely plant also called money plant. I love its pink blossom in spring and summer and the silver dollars come autumn.

Chinese forget-me-not is also ALL over our yard. It is so gorgeous. Here is a peek of a wee part of one that sneaked into a grapevine wreath that hangs on this little piece of fencing all year long.

Below is dirt that I have freed from the bamboo as well as the many rocks that were way deep down. There is my trusty pickax.

More bluebells!

See that yard debris container below. It is full to the brim for what seems like the 30th. time this year with the rhizomes. We have a HUGE yard debris container not pictured, that I pour the stuff into, and then every week our local garbage service removes it when we put it out with the garbage and the recycling.

Anyway, gardening season has begun, and I am diligently working with every intention of having my old-fashioned cottage garden replete with herbs, flowers, fruits and some vegetables.  I will keep you posted!


  1. Christine, I bet your garden is lovely inspite of the Bamboo. I hate invasive plants. I fought a great deal last summer with a very pretty, very smelly invasive known as the Chameleon Plant. I still see bits of it coming up this year, but I am on it. It's insidious!

  2. Have you tried Cross Bow? I used it on a vine that was threatening to remove the roof at my other house and it worked beautifully. There's a clump of bamboo over there, too, and I think I may use it on that. I'm with you - I don't want bamboo in my yard.

  3. I feel your bamboo pain...Many years ago I worked at a small nursery that grew some of the black bamboo that was first used at the Japanese Garden in Portland for gates and such. Anyway, there was a different variety that would travel with abandon and at will. It would show it self sprouting up through the asphalt pathways of the nursery, in the lath house and along the walls of the storage buildings. Ethel would get her pick axe out and wage war. I will hold good thoughts for you and your battle. It is a very tough root.

  4. Hi Christine...I am so sorry I haven't visited for so long. It has been a trying year on so many levels...but the days are getting better and life is moving along.
    I am with you...bamboo is just a pain unless it is store bought in a planter and controlled!!
    Your garden looks wonderful...I love the free spirited nature of your plantings.
    Looking forward to keeping up...

    Take care...
    Hugs, Nancy W

  5. I'm with you Christine, I hate such proliferate plants. Love your forget me not.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Gaby xo