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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Open House for Pumpkin Hollow in Albany, Oregon

Lovely Linda Harris and her charming husband, Joe, are the proprietors of Pumpkin Hollow in Albany, Oregon. This is a wonderful shop depicting the primitive of early America. I highly recommend a visit to them if you want to be warmed by this homey and loving environment where you will find so many treasures to bring home for the holidays.

Open House is this very weekend.

2710 NW Whispering Oaks Pl
Albany, Oregon 97321

I have just begun to supply Linda and Joe with my small early American primitives. There are water colors, primitive portraits and gel-transfer-medium depictions of the earlier painters. It is such a joy.


  1. This looks like a wonderful place to visit! I will keep it in mind for next year when we are in Oregon again!

  2. Hi Christine...oh, I think Jim and I need to go for a visit.
    Do you know their hours?

  3. When will they be having the open house? I'd love to go!

  4. I managed to have forgotten that the open house is this very weekend, so I just added it. Thank you Mary.

    Also, Linda, the hours I do not actually know, for they generally are opened only on the weekends. But they would love to have you call and schedule an appointment for your own convenience. It's a fun shop, and I feel as though the prices are very shopper friendly!

  5. Hi Christine,
    This is so coincidental...just this a.m. I wrote on my notes to look up "Pumpkin Hollow". Their beautiful home was featured in the current Winter issue of "A Primitive Place" mag. and I wanted to see more. What a GORGEOUS home they have. You are so lucky to live nearby and they are so lucky to have your lovely pieces in their shop! To me it looks like a perfect match.
    Have a nice day and also wishing you a happy happy Thanksgiving!
    Warmly ~ Jenn

  6. Oh! This is such a lovely place! Reminds me of New England and Tasha Tudor for sure! Wish I lived in Oregon. What a delightful place to have your creations in.
    I have been remiss about visiting you here, dear Christine.
    This has been such a very, very busy, fast-paced year with every life scenario you could imagine...good and bad (not for me, just loved ones).
    Please have a very grand Thanksgiving!
    Teresa in California
    in Cloth and Clay doll ning
    in MAIDA doll ning

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